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April 5, 2014
  10am - noon

The Houston Lodge is privileged to present a talk by Gregg Williams titled "Sant Mat - The Mystical and Esoteric" on April 5 at 10:00 A.M.

Sant Mat (also known as Surat Shabd Yoga) is a non-denominational spiritual path reaching back over 500 years, that focuses on such varied spiritual areas as the need for and the benefits of having a Living Master, meditation on the Inner Light and Sound of God, rising above body consciousness, positive mysticism, karma, reincarnation, and wiping away all your storehouse of fate and daily karmas. These clearly dovetail with the tenets of the Theosophical Society. At present it is called The Science of Spirituality and has been active in the United States since the early 1900s and in Houston for over 45 years. See www.sos.org. The current head for 25 years is Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, the 18th. Master in the Sant Mat lineage, who has initiated over 800,000 aspirants all over the world.

The talk will elaborate on each of these areas with special emphasis on why Initiation by a true Living Master is paramount to reaching God realization in this lifetime. His love, grace and guidance enables one to experience higher spiritual realms by meditating, until reaching our true home above the astral, causal, super causal planes, known as Sach Khand (True Land). Greg Williams

Greg Williams

After investigating various popular movements and teachers in the 60s in his quest for self-realization and beyond, he was guided to his Perfect Master, Sant Darshan Singh Ji and initiated at age 23. He is passionately devoted to his practice after verifying the truth of the motto of the Science of Spirituality "Seeing is Above All" and is the Regional Coordinator of its Mountain Southwest Region.

Parking – you may park in the parking lot of the church on the corner of Heights Blvd and 16th street unless they are having an event – which rarely happens. The lot is directly across from Boulevard Reality. You make also park on the street.


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