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Recommended Reading:

Understanding Through Ancient Wisdom-Modern Science by Alfred Taylor
The Honorary American Theosophical Lecture from 1959, which was given by Alfred Taylor at the Theosophical Society in America. The title of his lecture was "Understanding through the Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science."
      To read online or download a copy click HERE.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by W. Q. Judge
This is a commentary by W. Q. Judge on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  With such a chaos in modern psychological systems, the student of Patanjali feels justified in adopting something which will, at least, explain and embrace the greater number of facts, and it is to be found in the doctrines again brought forward by the Theosophical Society, relating to man as a Spirit; to a Spirit in nature; to the identity of all spiritual beings, and to all phenomena presented for our consideration.
    To read online or download a copy of this book click here.

The New Akashic Records: Knowing, Healing & Spiritual Practice by Cheryl M. Trine
For the first time in print, discover how the Akashic Records work within universal energy through the concept of Spiritual Energy Dynamics. Leading you on a journey across the energetic bridge that is the Akashic Records, you learn how you can connect your soul's journey with your physical journey here on Earth.

The Golden Precepts of Esotericism
by G. de Purucker
This is a small book, yet it deals with large and compelling themes: the path inward to the heart of being; thoughts and their influence on character; how to meet suffering, old age, and death; the potency of love, self-forgetful love, that encompasses the whole of mankind; and, lastly, the choice that every aspirant faces; whether to undergo the higher discipline and training for self-benefit alone, or for the sake of bringing light and wisdom to every living being on earth.

The Creative Silence: Reflections on the Voice of the Silence by Rohit Mehta
A commentary on HPB's Voice of the Silence.  This book has a great relevance today as much confusion prevails all over the world regarding Yoga and Meditation, Spirituality and Psychism. The Voice of the Silence helps one to clear up these confusions, and put the aspirant on the right path of spiritual perception. This book may well be described as containing the essentials of the Yoga of Theosophy.
   To read online or download a copy of this book click here.


After Death States by Fali Engineer

Grow or Perish by Fali Engineer
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